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Gendringen - Wisch 1940 -1945
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Gemeente oude IJsselstreek Gelderland Anbi

Canadian victims

The liberation by the Canadians.

The liberation of the Netherlands started in September 1944 when American troops reached Maastricht. In the spring of 1945 large numbers of Canadian soldiers came, who fought through the Netherlands to try to dissipate the German occupier. After crossing the Rhine near Emmerich, the road towards the east was open to liberate the eastern part of Gelderland above the big rivers first.

When Germany capitulated on May 5, 1945, it was up to the Canadians to clear the western part of the Netherlands with cities like Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam. In the following days they entered many villages and cities and were welcomed with open arms by the citizens.

After the liberation the Canadians stayed in the Netherlands for months. Only in February 1946 the last Canadian troops returned home. Leaving their dead comrades behind. But also quite a number of offspring.

Canadian casualties in Gendringen and Wisch during WW II
name age regiment died in
Bozak, Harry G. 20 The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Of Canada Netterden
Isfeld, Einar V. 30    
Lissoway, Frederick 37    
Moore, Vincent A. 29    
Oberg, Edward O. 19    
Prow, William 24    
Thomas, Bertrum J. 21    
Speziali, Rocco A. 26    
Kohlruss, Anton W. 33   Etten
Glossop, Francis W.A. 28   Megchelen
Macfie, John G. 36   Milt
Younes, Charles J. 33    
Hydichuk, Peter 27 South Saskatchewan Regiment Etten
Maloney, James J. 19    
McDermott, Michael J. 27    
Sernowski, William 21    
Barry, Roland A. 20 Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal Wieken
Caron, Joseph, P.R. 29    
Coulombe, Edmond 22    
Fortin, Jacques 21    
Pilon, Bernard G. 19    
Robert, Alphonse 21    
Dube, Laurenzo J. 28 8th Canadian Recce Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) Gendringen
Duckett, Leslie A. 24   Megchelen
Lawrysyn, William 27    
Stewart, Wilfred C. 22   Speldrop
Ruaben, Mario 33 C-Squadron fort Garry Horse Etten
Nilsson, Ivan R. 21 Royal Canadian Artillery onbekend
Graham, Ernest G. 29 The Black Watch Silvolde
Walker, Robert 19   Terborg